I've Run Out of Medication

If name-calling & threats are the best that you can come up with, that's a massive intellectual failure on YOUR part: Thanks for making my point for me.

#When people try to talk shit about a person and accuse their friends of not knowing what that person is like irl



(when in actuality they’re the ones who don’t know what that person acts like irl)

Ironically, this was originally a post I made when  I was supporting snuffbomb.  It still applies, funny as it is, now that we’re coming out about what he’s really like and some of his fans are claiming he’s still innocent.

Also ironically, I didn’t know what he was like back then… or rather, I was still in denial…

You never EVER truly know what a person is capable of doing until they actually go and DO IT: I think that’s just a fact of being human, for good or ill.

Fuck snuffbomb, right in the eye.

(via snuffbomb-victim-awareness)

iamsilentwolf said: You can't listen to those nasty people on YouTube! People can be jerks and think they can just insult and degrade people behind a computer screen and just hate on others' hard work! You're a very important person, Miss Lovely!




Well I’m here. Your work is awesome, and your are one of my main role models that I looked up to when I decided to start narrating, and I still do. Your work has given me chills (in a good way) and I think you’re a great, funny person.
There may be days where your darkness tries to overwhelm you, but remember, always remember, you are the one who made darkness fear the light.

Thank you.


NO! You can’t leave!


Explain The Difference 2

I hope that this is legit and what not



Guys.. I have gathered some, if not most of the evidence.. The person who said that LJ was stolen, they’re right. 

I will screencap some more evidence if I can and post it on here, but I hope that this shows some proof that Snuffbomb, WAS NEVER THE CREATOR OF THE STORY! Only the design (albeit a shitty design .. rip off of rainbow and ryuk much?).  Please spread the word



You weren’t ‘assigned’ a sex. Sex is an important part of biology and is not a choice or an identity.

You were assigned gender DUE to your sex. Gender is oppressive. It perpetuates misogyny through dictating females to be submissive and subordinate, and men as dominant and superior.

Again: sex is not the problem. Please stop acting like biology is wrong and gender (which harms women) is somehow more important.

Your cisgender identity privilege is showing.

"Please stop acting like biology is wrong…"

To include NEUROLOGY, then? Because last time I checked, you don’t get to dictate how the human brain and all of it’s incredibly complex processes work just because something doesn’t fit into your own special little pre-conceived paradigms.